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Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Hotel ICON 唯港薈

17 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Hong Kong


Tel: (852) 3400 1000

Fax: (852) 3400 1001

*場地資料及相片均轉載自 Hotel ICON

Silverbox Ballroom

Whether your dream is an elegant, intimate wedding or a fairy tale-themed extravaganza, the dazzling pillarless Silverbox Ballroom imagined by William Lim, with its intricate and ultra modern lattice work of sparkling crystal glass suspended from a five-metre-high ceiling, is a contemporary interpretation of the classic ballroom and the perfect stage.

With a maximum capacity of 420 guests (35 tables) for Chinese banquet or 270 guests for western dining, the Silverbox Ballroom also comes with a premium sound system and modern lighting, a choice of cuisine options and much, much more, ensuring that your wedding will be set in dazzling style.

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